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Consistency of staff work has been a key ingredient of the strength of InterVarsity ministry at UIUC over the years. Alumni financial support has been an essential part of keeping staff on this campus. If we could increase the number of alumni donors by only a few percent, it would make a huge difference in our ability to hire and keep gifted staff long-term. Click on any of the links below to get started.

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UIUC Area Ministry

This provides for the oversight and support of the work at University of Illinois, including staff supervision and training, and most notably, the unique resource of office and worship space in campustown.


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UIUC Future Staff

This is used to provide matching grants and similar strategies which accelerate and support the fundraising efforts of gifted staff candidates who don’t happen to have a background network with enough potential supporters.


Ugrad staff

Staffwork at U of I (Undergrad)

This helps support each of the staff of the undergraduate chapter (Illinois IV), and provides some short-term support for alumni of this chapter who start on IV staff elsewhere.


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Staffwork at U of I (Greek)

This helps support the staff of the Greek fellowship (GreekIV). As this fund gains momentum, it will allow us to bring a full-time greek staff to this chapter, and get him on campus much more quickly.


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Staffwork at U of I (International)

The U of I student body now includes ten thousand internationals, most from countries that are closed or hostile to the gospel. This account helps support the staff of the international chapter (International Christian Fellowship) as they try to make the most of this strategic opportunity.


Graduate Christian Fellowship

Staffwork at U of I (Graduate & Faculty Ministry)

InterVarsity understands well the special ministry needs of graduate students and faculty at the U of I. The Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF, formerly Grad IV) gathers together masters and PhD students into witnessing communities that engage their peers and their academic communities. Keeping the Gospel at the center, GCF is shaped by the four ministry commitments of Christian community, Spiritual formation, the Integration of faith, learning and practice, and Evangelism. Understanding especially their permanent place at the U of I, we minister also to faculty members and staff seeking to shape them by these four ministry commitments.