Ministry at U of I today

Ministry at the University of Illinois Today

Besides the (original) undergraduate chapter (IllinoisIV), there are currently a fraternity & sorority students ministry (GreekIV), International Christian Fellowship (formerly IFL), a graduate chapter, a Veterinary fellowship, and a Law Fellowship.


This is the original fellowship, now focused in ministry to undergraduate, non-Greek students. Last year, about 220 students were involved (including 33 non-Christians), over half were of non-white background, 13 new believers, and 33 GIGs. This fall (2013), this chapter has had an outstanding New Student Outreach, bringing nearly 100 freshmen to New Student Retreat and 70 freshmen to Fall Conference. From this chapter, there is also outreach to Latino students (LaFe), and into the Marching Illini.

International Christian Fellowship

Most international student ministry is a matter of older nationals gathering many internationals via hospitality and introducing them to Bible study. However it is not difficult to collect more seekers (or less interested students) than the believers can effectively serve. As is so often the case, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. ICF is therefore adjusting its strategy to one of training and mobilizing international Christians to reach the rest of the international student population.


GreekIV is rebuilding after a period of staff transition. Allen Wakabayashi, Associate Pastor at Twin City Bible Church, is now giving quarter time to working with the fellowship.

Graduate Christian Fellowship

Currently 6 department groups are meeting, about 45 students overall, with many more from NSO that need re-contacting.

VetMed Fellowship

John Roeckeman has been building relationship with a small VetMed Fellowship and helping them reach more students and raise up leaders. About 22 students and four faculty are involved.

Law Fellowship

John Roeckeman has also been giving some time to this law fellowship, helping them be faithful to the gospel, install solid leaders and leadership traditions, and diligently following up with these incredibly busy students. About 22 are currently involved.